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Woman orders high-waisted pants online, receives a pair the length of her entire body

We’ve all experienced disappointing online shopping orders, but one 18-year-old was surprised to find that her purchase was completely ludicrous.

Bethany McNamara ordered a pair of high-waisted flared pants from U.K.-based clothing company PrettyLittleThing, only to find that the waistband came up to her chin.

The 5-foot-2 hairdresser took a photo proving that the pants were the entire length of her body, captioning it: “When PrettyLittleThing think I have legs like Kendall Jenner.”

After swiftly sending the pants back, McNamara spoke out to remind stores that not every woman has the proportions of a supermodel.

“I shop at PrettyLittleThing a lot. I love their clothes and always go to them when I need an outfit for a night out,” the Manchester, England, resident told the news agency Caters. “When I opened the parcel, I picked the trousers up and I did think they were a bit long but I put them on anyway. I didn’t think they would be as big as they actually were.”

Bethany wants to remind brands that not all women have the figure of a supermodel. [Photo: Caters]

“I took them off and held them up against me to see just how long they were. When I put them against my body, I couldn’t believe that they actually reached my chin.

“They looked like something Simon Cowell would wear. They must think I have legs like Kendall Jenner or a supermodel. They are already on their way back to the shop.”

It seems as though PrettyLittleThing is taking the situation (a little bit too) seriously. A spokesperson commented: “We take anything like this seriously and will investigate into this specific case, as well as investigating with any suppliers involved in this style along with our quality control department.”

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