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Size 14 model called ‘an icon for new generation of girls’ after walking in India Fashion Week

It’s been more than 10 years since Nargis Fakhri appeared on America’s Next Top ModelSince her time with Tyra Banks, Fakhri has become a bonafide Hindi-film star. But she hasn’t given up on her first dream: Modeling. 

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Fans are freaking out thanks to Fakhri’s showstopping strut at Amazon India Fashion Week’s Unleashed World show — and not only because she wore full sequin pants. “If I haven’t mentioned it already, Nargis’ butt-out-chin-up-not-a-damn-given walk was everything for my dwindling body confidence,” wrote Kusha Kapila at iDiva

As Kapila details, Fakhri has an unflinching fanbase that comments on her every move and every curve. She’s been dragged by trolls calling her out for everything from her makeup to her weight. And what did she do with those bad vibes? She dressed it up in shining pants and a bomber jacket on a fashion runway.

Kapila’s not the only one to find inspiration in Fakhri’s latest appearance. “An icon for a new generation of girls, wonderful,” Mehmood Wali wrote on Facebook. Others called her a “style queen,” “gorgeous,” “stunning,” and more. “Doesn’t matter what you wear, it seems every piece of clothing is trying to look better on you,” said someone else.

The runway look isn’t just blinged out for its own sake — it’s also channeling some of that power into a good cause. Unleashed World secures microfinance loans for female artisans in underserved communities. The artisans reach financial independence, communities are helped to thrive, and customers get some next level pants. What’s not to like?

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