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This couple’s wedding photos are the most beautiful things on the internet

You might think that very attractive people who share pictures of themselves on social media would be not at all surprised by the attention they get. You might also think that it would go to their heads, making them very annoying to speak to. But Salt Lake City couple Thad Nelson and Aren Muse were absolutely not expecting their wedding photos from September to become the hottest thing on Twitter last week, and their humble and hilarious reaction to their sudden popularity is possibly even more attractive than their beautiful flowing locks.

“IM MARRIED & THE HAPPIEST. This was the best day of my life,” Nelson wrote when he posted the photos last Thursday. The sight of two handsome men with matching long hair looking wildly in love on a beach in Cabo San Lucas drove the internet crazy.

Most of the reactions have been along the lines of @x0elii’s: “the most attractive couple i have ever seen ohmahgawwww.” There are a few “adopt me” requests sprinkled in there, along with gushing congratulations from several thousand strangers.

Nelson, a service experience specialist at Nordstrom, said he has no idea how the pics went viral.

Photo: Courtesy of Ricardo Quintana @RicardoQPhotograph

“I just wanted to share some photos from our wedding and express the joy that I had felt this past month of being married,” he tells Yahoo. “I posted just before bed, and by the time I woke up, it had taken off and I couldn’t even trace the tweets all the way back … So, thank you to whoever decided to share our incredible day!”

On Friday, when Yahoo reached out to them both, Muse said he had to ask his husband what we were even talking about.

Photo: Courtesy of Ricardo Quintana @RicardoQPhotograph

“In the digital age we’re accustomed to having complete strangers know things about us our own family wouldn’t know if it were ’99,” the visual merchandiser and stylist said. “Still, we wanted a very small, intimate ceremony, so it’s a little odd that a part of that has been viewed by thousands of people. The response has been wonderful though, so who can complain?”

The couple, who have been together since 2011, are overjoyed by the reaction, particularly because they feel grateful to be married men living in Utah during this divisive political time.

Photo: Courtesy of Ricardo Quintana @RicardoQPhotograph

“Growing up, I thought that I might end up alone, or end up marrying someone I couldn’t fully give myself to, but I got so lucky with Aren,” Nelson said. “I am so lucky to be free to love, and have so many supportive people around me. I feel love from every angle, and that’s just so amazing, because I didn’t know I’d ever really feel that.”

Muse’s favorite Twitter reaction speaks to that feeling as well.

“Watching the entire nation debate over whether or not your marriage is valid sucks,” Muse said. “Gay marriage was only just legalized nationwide. Having to ask permission, or convince someone your marriage is just the same as theirs is downright demeaning. The idea that our li’l old second-class gay union would suddenly render everyone else’s marriage null and void is hysterical.”

Photo: Courtesy of Ricardo Quintana @RicardoQPhotograph

On a lighter note, Nelson has a favorite response too: “I also loved all the comments about us looking like Interview With a Vampire because that may or may not be a Halloween costume we’ve been prepping,” he told Yahoo.

The newlyweds were kind enough to answer a few other burning questions the internet has about them:

Are they models?

“Model citizens,” Muse quips.

“It used to be something I was interested in, but it’s not something I’ve ever felt a pull towards,” Nelson says. “I’d love to do some modeling for fun as a side gig, but I don’t see myself ever really having that be my career! I wouldn’t mind doing some hair-care advertisements with Aren, though.”

Still, fans can admire their amateur modeling efforts on Instagram @thaddeusmaximus and @arenmuse.

Will they adopt one of their many admirers or have babies with them?

“So many people were making comments about babies, which made me so happy because I’ve just always wanted to be a dad,” Nelson says. “I want kids so bad, and I so wish that we were able to create life together, but maybe someday in the near future, that’ll be a possibility.”

How did they get that HAIR?!?

Though they never made the conscious decision to have the same haircuts, it’s become an unspoken thing in their six years together.

“And If we’re being completely honest, the long hair is less a fashion statement and more so a result of not wanting to schedule a haircut,” Muse admits. “Hair appointments are inconvenient, especially when you have seven seasons of Game of Thrones to catch up on.”

Their biggest hair secret is that they only wash it every few weeks.

“Daily use of shampoo strips your hair and scalp of natural oils and also of its dignity,” Muse advises. “That pisses your hair and scalp off, so it starts producing those oils like crazy in order to combat your poor choices. Ultimately you’re left with greasy hair by the end of the day, and your life is a mess and no one will talk to you. It’s gonna be messy for a period of time, but your scalp will acclimate and you’ll be glad you did it. I firmly believe that most beauty and hygiene products are designed to create a dependency in order to make large corporations money.”

So, OK, maybe the shampoo companies shouldn’t be knocking down their door for a contract.


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