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15 Carry-On Essentials You Need For Holiday Travel

If you’re anything like us, packing is likely at the very end of the long checklist of things to get out of the way before heading on vacation. By the time we’ve sorted out our travel documents, wrapped up outstanding tasks at the office, and prepped our apartments, there’s hardly anytime left to properly organize our belongings. Our carry-on bags basically consist of a bunch of excess items we couldn’t cram into our checked luggage.

This haphazard approach also means that we’ve suffered quite a few mishaps at the airport, from accidentally packing restricted goods to leaving out some important items. To help you survive all the packing you’ll be doing for the holidays, we’ve put together a list of everything that shouldn’t be left out of your carry-on. Click through for 15 life-saving picks that will make your long haul flights (and even those quick trips) much more enjoyable.

We’re firm believers that pouches make packing much easier. These pretty zip bags have waterproof lining and are perfect for keeping your wallet and gadgets dry when you go swimming. They’re also the perfect size to stash an extra set of underwear if you’re taking an overnight flight.

Wander To The Sea Wet Bag, $32, available at Wander Wet Bags

The plane isn’t exactly known as a sanitary environment. This rechargeable air purifier pushes pollutants away by emitting negative ions within your breathing range. Still have doubts? Many reviewers on Amazon praised the purifier for relieving their allergies and lowering their chances of catching a cold when they used the product on a flight.

AirTamer Negative Personal Air Purifier,$149.99, available at Filter Stream

Your eyes will inevitably get dry when you fly. Not only do these eyedrops from Japan promise to relieve your exhaustion, the cute, fragrance bottle-like packaging is pretty hard to resist.

Santen Beautyeye Eyedrops, $29.09, available at Amazon

This sleek toiletry bag is made of waterproof material and comes with a clever compartment for toothbrushes.

Aer Dopp Kit, $45, available at Aer

We can’t stress enough the importance of staying hydrated while you’re flying. This handy beauty kit takes care of all your skin’s moisturizing needs.

FAB Faves to Go Kit, $30, available at First Aid Beauty

It’s nice to have a dedicated place to keep your loose change and receipts. This bright pink, tongue-in-cheek design is easy to spot in your overpacked carry-on.

Valfré Titties Coin Wallet, $20, available at Valfré

Trying to sleep on a plane is never easy. This travel-sized pillow can hook up to earplugs, so you can listen to calming music to drowned out the droning cabin noise.

Dreampad Slim Support Pillow, $149, available at Dreampad

You can never count on airport lounges to have the power socket adaptable to your appliances. Bringing a universal adapter will eliminate these unwelcome surprises.

PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter, $21.95, available at Amazon

A toothbrush is an overnight-flight must. The steel tongue cleaner will also come in handy when you suffer from travel breath.

Brush With Bamboo Adult Oral Care Set, $30, available at Brush With Bamboo

We’re not saying this roll-on oil will cure you of your motion sickness, but the pleasant scent of avocado and essential oils will definitely perk you up.

Melanies Apothecary Motion Ease Oil, $11, available at Etsy

We’ve learned from experience that our prized pieces of jewelry should always go into our carry-on. This compact rolled wallet will keep everything organized.

Cut Design Jewelry Organizer, $54, available at Etsy

Who said sleeping at the airport can’t be glamorous?

EVESAdesign Breakfast At Tiffanys Eye Mask, $30.33, available at Etsy

When you’re hopping between terminals, immigration control, and departure gates, it’s useful to have a purse big enough to hold all your essentials. This zipped wallet comes with 14 slots for credit cards and two additional pockets for travel documents.

One Odd Bird Nightfall Leather Travel Wallet & Passport Cover, $124, available at One Odd Bird

Being on the plane takes a huge toll on your body. These compression socks help reduce swelling of the feet if you’re sitting down for long periods of time.

ATN Compression Knee High Socks, $34.95, available at ATN

You won’t always get to leave your seat and wash your hands when you’re in the air. These sanitizing sprays will keep your hands bacteria-free for the time being.

The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer, $5.95, available at The Honest Company

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