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This 1 Astonishing Workout Tip Will Guarantee You Lose Weight

There is, unfortunately, no single weight loss plan that works for everyone. But it is universally recognized that everyone looking to drop a couple pounds needs to incorporate some type of exercise into their regimen. And, believe it or not, there is one workout tip that can help anyone reach their weight loss goals. Surprisingly, this simple tip isn’t well recognized — and you will probably be shocked to hear it for yourself.

Here is the one fitness tip that will help anyone lose weight.

But first, what makes the perfect workout?

When it comes to weight loss, you want a workout that incorporates both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. This could be combining an aerobics class with lifting free weights, or going for a bike ride with a high resistance. Heck, those exercise circuits that you see set up at the gym are great for losing weight. This combination helps you burn the most calories in a workout session, destroying fat while also toning your muscles.

How do you choose the right exercises?

Since everyone loses weight differently, you might have to play around a bit with different exercise combinations to find what works best for you. And that is perfectly okay! You should do exercises that challenge you, but that you still enjoy. If you like swimming, then make it your go-to means of exercise. You will still have days when exercising feels like a chore, but you will walk away from it feeling like you accomplished something.

When it comes to losing weight …

Sticking to your workout plan is imperative. When setting your weight loss goals, map out an exercise regimen that you know you will stick to. Staying committed — and hopping back on the horse after a weekend or cheat day — is the only way you will lose weight. Now, with that being said …

Here’s the one tip you need to know

Believe it or not, taking a day off here and there is the one way to guarantee that your weight loss plan will stay on track. When you start a new workout plan, you will first see results quickly. But if you push yourself everyday without switching up exercises or taking breaks, your body will plateau just as fast. Taking a day off in between hectic workout days allows your body to remain challenged every time you break into a sweat.

Here’s a bonus

In addition to helping you meet your weight loss goals, taking days off helps you avoid injury. also reminds us to take a quick breather during a workout if you feel soreness or over-exhaustion. Pushing yourself will only put you at higher risk for injury, and that will definitely derail the weight loss train.

How to spend a day off

Just because you are taking the day off, doesn’t mean you should be a total couch potato. Take a brisk walk to go run your errands, or do a little bit of stretching while you watch TV. It even helps to stand up at work as much as possible so you can stretch your legs. This will keep your body from backsliding into pre-weight-loss habits.

And don’t forget to eat well!

No weight loss plan is complete without a healthy food menu. If your goal is to lose weight, you should be eating more protein, fiber, and whole grains. Limit your sugar intake to fruits, and avoid reaching for processed foods when you need a snack. And never skip meals! That will only slow down your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight.

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