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The 13 Most Stylish Men In The World Right Now

No disrespect to the Hall of Famers—from Kanye to Clooney, Gosling to Pharrell—but this year we’re feeling a different, right-this-second strain of pro-level style. We speak of men who look just as sharp on the street as they do on the red carpet. Who realize that, in the camera-phone age, every little walk to the corner can turn into a photo op. And who rarely bother with suits—but when they do, they really make it count. So, with no further ado…Yes, it helps to have his genes. But it also helps to have his jeans—and his leathers, and his tees. For Lucky, personal style is rock ‘n’ roll simple.
While most fashion models toil as anonymous walking coat hangers, boy wonder Lucky Blue Smith has become insta-famous on Instagram for his innate style: Levi’s jackets, mall-rat hoodies, and platinum hair.
“I’ve never really looked at myself and thought, ‘Oh, I’m really good-looking.’ When I look in the mirror, I see a skinny punk 17-year-old who just wants to go skate and hang out with some friends, and maybe talk to a couple of chicks.” — Lucky Blue Smith

Any Hollywood schmo can hire a stylist to doll him up in a suit. Dressing casually is actually harder. Doing it well requires a sixth sense—you might even call it a “fashion sense”—for how to loop your belt and perch your glasses. Europeans are apparently born with this gift, and Eddie here embodies it. The guy looks turned out even if he’s just running to get the paper.

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