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College student shows 10 creative ways to wear a hijab

To outsiders, hijabs might seem one dimensional. But Sumaiyah Jones, a talented visual artist with a large social media following, proved that preconception wrong in a recent Twitter thread that she called, “Me comparing my hijab styles to hairstyles.”

In a series of tweets, the college student from North Carolina, shared how others can learn creative ways of wearing a hijab too.

The 18-year-old tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “Whenever I do my hijab, I relate to hairstyles. I just feel like a lot of hijabi girls can relate to those styles, and we needed some names for them.”

There’s the “basic hair down.”

Then there’s the hair down and hijab down look, but accessorized with a tiara.

The “crown braid or hijab crown.”

The “Pigtails.”

The “finappple with some flowers.”

This next one is another take on the “fineapple with flowers.”

For which she graciously shared a how-to video on the style.

The “ponytail on the side.”

The “afro.”

The “bald-headed boo.”

The “sleek bun.”

Based on the popularity of her thread, her followers have pleaded with her to create a Youtube channel and teach the steps of the hijab styles. To which she replied, “I’d love to.”

Jones also has a message to people questioning her choice of wearing a hijab.  “A lot of you guys are concerned about the ‘oppression’ that I’m going through by wearing my hijab,” she says. “I can promise you that I am fine. Worry about yourself. You stressing over me is just gonna give you acne and hair loss, boo.”

Can’t wait to see more of Jones and her impeccable style.

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