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Women like men’s hands, and this viral Twitter thread is proof

Women across the Twitterverse are drooling over a male body part that is not what you might expect. In a viral Twitter thread called “For females that like hands,” men are posting photos of their hands, giving women something “safe for work” to admire and appreciate.

A simple photo of a man’s hand got nearly 28,000 likes and 6,500 retweets. Why? Because apparently women like manly hands.

Because of the success of the thread, other men have joined in and shared their own handy videos.

Women have clearly appreciated all the men sharing photos of their hands. But the question is, why do women like men’s hands?

It seems that “definition and the veins in arms” could be why.

And having minor scrapes adds to the attractiveness factor.

In this Twitter thread, men are definitely lending a helping hand.

There are also declarations about other male body parts that women say they admire, such as the inexplicably long eyelashes some men have.

Also, women love men’s calves.


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