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12 Struggles Every Leggings Addict Gets

From Seventeen

Leggings are a girls best friend. Not only are they super comfortable, but they literally go with everything. But, like all amazing things you can’t live without, they also have a few downsides. Some struggles, if you will. Here are all the times the struggle is real because you’re addicted to leggings.

1. When your favorite pair gets a hole in them. They were your go-to pair because they were perfect in every way. They had the perfect stretchiness. They weren’t see-through. They were just the right amount of tight down by your ankles. You did wear them a lot (which probably contributed to their inevitable hole-yness), but still! Now that they have a hole in them, you literally have no clue what to do with your life.

2. But you risk it and wear them anyway. But then you obsess all day over whether someone can see the hole and if it’s ripping more. But it’s worth it. They’re your favorite pair. You can’t give up on them. You’ll never let go.

3. When you’re in a rush after taking a shower and your leggings give you a hard time. Even if your legs are still just a tiny bit damp from your shower, they stick to your skin as you try to pull them on and get all weird and bunchy in places. UGH.

4. And putting on leggings after you apply your lotion? Forget it.

5. When a new pair turns see-through after one wash. Unacceptable.

6. And you don’t realize they’re sheer until it’s too late. Usually, the realization strikes when you’re in the school bathroom and those awful fluorescent lights are shining down on you. Sadly, you’re miles away from any alternative clothing options so you end up having to walk around with semi see-through leggings avoiding all brightly lit areas at all costs.

7. They turn against you while you’re working out. They’re perfect to wear to a workout sesh, but as soon as you have to pee, you realize your sweaty legs make it impossible to pull them up again. Awkward!

8. Plus, you kind of don’t want to wear your leggings to work out. If you wear them to the gym you won’t be able to wear them again until they are thoroughly washed, bc stank.

9. You can’t take them off without turning them inside out. It’s not like your feet are massive or anything, but the bottom of your leggings won’t just slide off over them, so you end up having to pull them off from the top.

10. Finding the exact pair of leggings you’re looking for is impossible. They all might look the same to the untrained eye, but you know the differences between each pair. The waistband on one of them is a little loose, and one of them is the perfect material to go out dancing in. It’s supes serious.

11. If you can’t find the pair and have to settle for any old leggings, it haunts you all day. Every time the waistband slips down or the material gets on your nerves, you curse yourself for thinking you could make it through the day wearing these sub-par leggings.

12. When all your leggings are dirty, and you actually have to wear real clothes. And by real clothes, we mean jeans. Which doesn’t sound like it’s all that bad, but when you’re addicted to wearing leggings, it is.

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