Beauty Halloween
This baby dressed up as a beauty product for Halloween

If you’re out of ideas for Halloween this year, you might want to take a look at your beauty collection. And not just for makeup inspiration but actual costume ideas.

That’s exactly what one woman did when she dressed up her daughter as a bestselling product from her sister Kaylar Will‘s indie beauty brand.

Wearing cutout images of Kaylux Cosmetics‘s golden Vacation Body Highlighter and some matching gold shoes, 10-month-old Skylar is all set with a costume that’ll be hard to beat. And, as a proud auntie does, Will shared the infant’s look on social media.

“My sister dressed up my niece as my brand’s Body Highlighter I’M CRYING,” Will tweeted along with the photos of Skylar.

“My sister, Michelle, is one of the biggest supporters of my brand and thought it’d be funny to surprise me by dressing her 10-month-old daughter, Skylar, up as a bottle of the body highlighter,” Will tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I was shocked and a little emotional!”

Especially with a bottle in her mouth, it’s no surprise how the adorable Skylar might have made Will tear up. But even the little girl’s auntie admits that her getup makes for some good advertising. From the attention that the photo has received, you might expect the sales of the Vacation Body Highlighter to go up a bit as well.


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