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Baby’s unicorn costume has a heartwarming backstory

Unicorns are seen as magical, which has likely led to their increased popularity in recent years — in forms that include makeup brushes, face highlighters, and even unicorn snot.

Now parents have decided to dress their 1-year-old girl as a stylish unicorn for her Oct. 29 birthday photoshoot — in which little Nyla Brown posed alongside a stack of pink-glazed donuts she nibbled on while wearing layered pearls, a shimmering silver skirt, and a gold floral crown with a unicorn horn.

But this was not conceived to be part of a trend; the shoot was meant to celebrate the miracle of Nyla’s existence.

Nyla Brown enjoying donuts during her unicorn birthday photoshoot. (Photo: Picture People)

“Nyla’s birth wasn’t a typical birth,” her dad, Jayquan Brown, tells “Nyla’s body functions stopped working after she was born nearly a week late. She had a lot of convulsions in her brain and she couldn’t breathe or eat … on her own. Doctors also had to keep a close eye to see if her vision was okay.”

Brown reflected on not being able to hold his daughter for nearly two weeks after she was born, and the long nights of worry. But after one month, Nyla was finally released from NICU in good health. “We  waited weeks before she could come home, and we spent most of our hours in the hospital with her,” he recalls. “I look at her now and observe how vibrant and busy she is, and all I can think about is how perfect she is. She’s our little unicorn, and that’s what really inspired this shoot.”

She’s also a girl with a sweet tooth, her dad says, noting, “It was very easy to get Nyla to eat those donuts.”

With Halloween on the horizon, one can’t help but imagine how perfectly Nyla’s look will carry over. But Jayquan revealed she will actually be switching things up and wearing a pumpkin costume instead. In the meantime, we’ll just have to stay tuned to see how adorable her next shoot is.

Happy Birthday, baby Nyla!

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