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Everyone is wearing this Ralph Lauren blazer

A plaid blazer and jeans has just become the official outfit of fall 2017. 

First, plaid blazers took over New York Fashion Week. Now the style has become a celebrity favorite. Next stop: your closet.

It isn’t just any plaid blazer that’s dominated our favorite style Instagrams. It’s this specific Ralph Lauren fall 2017 look, which is part of a full-on plaid power suit. Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, and even Melania Trump have all stepped out in the very timely autumn look. Maybe it’s a Sisterhood of the Traveling Blazer situation?

Jennifer Lawrence wore the outfit most recently, styling it down with a simple white crop top, a choker, and jeans at a film festival in Los Angeles. It’s the rare red carpet look that you could actually pull off with clothes already hanging in your closet. In contrast is Blake Lively, who wore the blazer as part of its full menswear-inspired three-piece suit complete with a tie and a briefcase. (Lively dressed in the suit on the infamous day of the seven outfit changes.)

Perhaps drawing inspiration from her favorite member of the Gossip Girl cast, even Melania Trump has stepped out in this look. She wore the blazer, paired with a black blouse and matching slacks, to a presidential speech at the United Nations. The blazer may look simple, but the “Franklin Glen Plaid Jacket” comes with a A-lister’s price tag of $1,990. If you can afford this, we have a feeling you may not even need a power suit.

First lady Melania Trump listens to her husband, President Trump, address the General Assembly at the United Nations on Sept. 19. (Photo: Timohty A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

As with any basic garment, it took only three different women to put together three very different looks with the same tools. This fall, will you be a Jen, a Blake, or a Melania?

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