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A makeup artist gave ‘Mona Lisa’ a makeover for 2017, and people have opinions about it

Leonardo da Vinci’s historic painting of Mona Lisa is arguably one of the most famous works of art in the world, and makeup artist Liza Kondrevich just gave it an eclectic update that has people talking.

On Instagram, Kondrevich shared a video that illustrates her dressing up the iconic portrait in some of today’s most bizarre beauty trends: squiggle brows, loads of highlighter, and a very prominent contour. She starts with a blank canvas, carves out the cheeks, defines the eyes, glazes over the lips with gloss, and finishes with wavy brows.

Since posting on Nov. 5, the video has since gained lots of attention, with more than 300,000 likes and encouraging messages such as, “If you made a print of this I would hang it in my house.”

While lots of people were inspired by Kondrevich’s Mona Lisa makeup remix, there were just as many who found it odd that she would copy such a famous portrait. In her caption, she mentions that the video was created for people who have a sense of humor. “Leonardo da Vinci was a genius and [is] my idol,” she wrote. “I was copying his painting when I was a little girl. My message is (no offense): I don’t like wiggly eyebrow trend either blurry pictures on Instagram where whole nose disappears.”

Even with Kondrevich’s heads-up about the video being solely for people with a sense of humor, many didn’t find it funny at all. One person shared, “I really don’t think you should be doing this to a reproduction of probably the most famous portrait in the world.” Another simply stated, “How to ruin an artwork? THIS.”

caught up with the Netherlands-based artist, and she explained how she is always up for trying something new. While looking for inspiration, she came across the portrait of Mona Lisa, and was inspired to make her look as though she’s wearing makeup. After finishing her first version of it, she shared it with her boyfriend, who suggested, “You should do those wiggly eyebrows.” Kondrevich thought it was a good idea and, shortly after, the 2017 Mona Lisa was born.

The wiggly eyebrows were the most interesting aspect of the video, garnering both positive and not-so-positive feedback. One person noted, “You lost me at the eyebrows” and many shared those same sentiments. As far as those negative comments go, Kondrevich doesn’t let them get to her and thinks one of the reasons people send them is that they may be jealous. “I have comments every day such as, ‘waste of makeup,’ ‘I can do better,’ and it was just very difficult in the beginning for me,” she says. “I could not understand how people can put those nasty comments under my drawing. Why?”

She continues: “But now I don’t care. I am responding nice to those people because I know they are hurt by someone, unhappy, or just bad people. I am a mother, and have an 8-year-old son, so I won’t let internet bugs influence my life.”

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