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Model Hunter McGrady is a ‘little curvier these days’ — and she’s OK with it

Hunter McGrady says she’s a little thicker these days and she DGAF.

The supermodel proved her point on Instagram Friday by striking a pose in front of the mirror with the caption, “Little curvier these days, and that’s OK!” McGrady’s post with nearly 6,000 likes was pelted with affirmations, such as, “It’s sooo vital that women feel good in all their shapes! I know this feeling all too well. A little curvier but never happier” and “You are so inspiring to girls like me who have had body issues for as long as they can remember. Thank you so much.”

McGrady, whose profile image is a slice of pizza onto which her face is superimposed, has been shooting photos for a Fredericks of Hollywood campaign. On Thursday, she shared a sexy selfie featuring her wearing a white bustier from the brand.

As the curviest model ever featured in the pages of Sports Illustrated, McGrady has made body-positivity her focus by declaring love for her stretch marks, sharing her past struggles with body acceptance, and earlier this year, launching the hashtag #AllWorthy to inspire women to love their bodies, at any size.

It’s hard to believe that the 24-year-old’s modeling career almost didn’t happen. In April, during an interview with Mayim Bialik for The Big Bang Theory star’s website Grok Nation, McGrady explained how she almost quit the industry at age 16 — as a size 2 — after a director was disappointed by her appearance saying, “We didn’t realize how big you were.”

“I was so angry, and I thought, This is not how I’m going to live my life,’” McGrady told Bialik. After briefly pausing her career — “I’m going to eat pasta if I frigging want it!” — she re-emerged with high-profile campaigns and as a household name.

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