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Viral tweet compares love to the feeling you get when you realize your dress has pockets

A hilarious piece of relationship-and-style advice is resonating with women across Twitter: “Get a partner who makes you feel the way you feel when you realize your dress has pockets.”

A Burbank, California writer named Kate Leth offered the pearl of wisdom on Saturday and of the 15.5K retweets and 50K likes, lots could relate to the basic truth in love.

Leth did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment.

Social media is a hotbed of relationship advice. An October video of Spelman University professor Jael Roberson’s empowering lecture on love went viral in which she said, “[If someone] wants to be with you, nothing will keep them from you. If someone wants to be in your life, nothing will keep them from being with you. Nothing. So if they can leave you, if they can text you, tell you ‘I’m out,’ let them leave…”

The same month, Jake, who goes by @squidslippers on Twitter, sought out love advice from his professor, who helped him craft such eloquent texts he actually scored a date, much to the internet’s delight. In response, many shared their own lengthy measures for finding love.

In August, a blogger named Nikki Penington struck a chord on Facebook with her unconventional marriage advice — “The secret to a long-lasting marriage is there is no secret at all” —  earning 116K reactions, more than 132K shares, and 39K comments for her wisdom.

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