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Amber Rose shows off her space-age stick-on bra

Actress and model Amber Rose showed off some high-tech underwear on her Instagram channel this weekend.

The 34-year-old showed off her Sneaky Vaunt bra, a backless, strapless number that adheres mildly to the skin and tightens to enhance cleavage.

“I remember when we first got together … completely changed how I look at my girls, and now? Well, they’ve changed the way I look at my back too “ writes Rose.

In two videos, she demonstrates how the bra works. Once it’s fit into place, Rose adjusts the string that tightens and loosens the bra. “I cannot live without it, especially when I wear backless dresses and backless shirts,” says Rose in the video.

In the second video you can see how it works with a backless dress. Rose once again adjusts the bra and then her dress to show exactly how the two go together.

The new bra is not the only new item in Rose’s wardrobe. The model has been incorporating wigs into her repertoire in recent weeks.

Rose typically favors her familiar buzz cut but as of late has added waist-length locks to some of her looks. She can be seen sporting a range of colors but typically only one style, a flowing cascade of red, blonde, or brunette strands.

The model and one-time flame of Kanye West has been keeping busy beyond sharing fashion tips with her Instagram followers. Rose led her annual Slut Walk last month in Los Angeles with hundreds in attendance.

Rose has been a fierce critic of “slut-shaming” and has been organizing the Amber Rose SlutWalk since 2011 to speak out against it. Over the last six years Rose has become a visible figure in conversations about everything from unwanted sexual advances to the objectification of women.

Rose has had a tumultuous rise to fame. She became an exotic dancer at the age of 15 to help support her family after her parents divorced. She’s now one of the top paid influencers in the fashion world with a net worth of $12 million.

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