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Boy with a ‘heart of gold’ buys little girl a bike for Christmas

A little boy whose family bought a child in need a brand-new bike made his teacher cry.

The boy’s teacher, Cynthia Valleau, of Hurricane Middle School in West Virginia, posted a photo of the pink bike to Reddit Thursday, explaining that the gift was part of a yearly effort by the church and city to help local families who struggle financially.

“I teach 8th grade,” she wrote on the post. “This week, my homeroom took an angel off the ‘giving tree’ — a little girl. All she asked for was a bike & clothes. My kids all agreed to bring in $2 each & we’d buy her clothes bc we couldn’t afford to get the bike. Then today, very quietly one of them came to my room with this.”

Comments flooded the page: “From a teacher to another teacher, that’s awesome. Your student has a heart of gold” and “I cried a little reading this lol I would be a mess in person!”

“Each year, our classroom puts up a Christmas tree with pink and blue angels,” Valleau tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Each angel represents a child in need, and we fulfill the wishes of whoever we choose.”

The “giving tree” that made a little girl’s Christmas. (Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Valleau)

“We started the tradition five years ago, and students bring in loose change, diapers, onesies, or toys,” she says. “This year, the little girl we picked — who is anonymous — asked for clothes, a bike, and a Cabbage Patch Kid.”

On Thursday afternoon, Valleau was stunned when one of her young male students wheeled in a brand-new BCA bike retailing for $85, with a gift receipt attached. “When I saw the bike, I cried for a solid 30 minutes,” she says.

Due to the generous donation, the class will now attempt to fulfill the girl’s entire list. Says Valleau, “I’m looking into that Cabbage Patch Kid.”

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