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Hair artist shows her love for Fenty Beauty with incredible ‘do

Rihanna‘s Stunna Lip Paint sent Fenty Beauty fans into a frenzy as soon as it dropped, but one beauty guru needed to get her hands on the stuff so bad, she had to create a second set.

Laetitia Ky has become known for her intricate braid art, including the moving depictions of sexual assault she contributed to the #MeToo movement. But this time, she’s got beauty on the brain.

The Kybraids creator and aspiring fashion designer from the Ivory Coast is seldom without a stunning red lip; it’s almost as if Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored was made for her.

But, of course, Ky did more than simply wear the lipstick. She created a braid sculpture to showcase the makeup. Ky crafted two long pigtail-style braids into a set of hands. One hand held the brush to her lips while the other held the bottle. She shared photos of her creation with her almost 60,000 followers.

“So creating this look took me about two hours,” Ky told Lifestyle. “But I did not have too much trouble because it’s the second time that I created hands with my braids. I used wire, wool, and of course my braids,” she said.

“What was complicated was to hold the lipstick in the hair hands!” she explained. “I tried many techniques that did not work (glue, adhesive) and it was finally with transparent thread that I managed to hold my lipstick in my second pair of hands.” She did so by “attaching it very strong but subtle enough so that the thread was not noticeable … it was not easy ! I was afraid that my Stunna would fall and break during the shoot.” Yes, it is worth crying over spilled lipstick, especially when it’s Fenty Beauty. “But everything went well!”

While Ky does a red lip better than many, she’s not a huge fan of makeup, but she made an exception for Riri. “I’m a big fan of everything Rihanna does and I have been since I was about 14 years old,” she said. “When Fenty Beauty made its appearance I was extremely happy and my eyes were shining.” Unfortunately the products are not marketed in the Ivory Coast, so Ky has had a hard time getting her hands on them (literally). “So I just watched the videos and read about it in magazines,” she said.

“But when the Stunna Lip Paint came out, I had to test it, because red is my color! I had to pay two times more than the original cost because of shipping and waited two weeks before receiving it but it was worth it!” she said. “It is fabulous and goes so well with my complexion.” We couldn’t agree more. “It was therefore a necessity for me to thank Fenty Beauty with one of the things I do best: My art !”

She captioned her ode to the brand: “THATT RED is the best redddd everr ! I’m addicted !” We wholeheartedly agree.

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