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TV Stars Swear by This Off-the-Radar Cleanser for Taking Off the Toughest Makeup

A good cleanser that successfully washes the day away is good; a good cleanser that some of the hottest TV stars swear by for removing that notoriously heavy on-camera makeup after hours of filming is decidedly even better.

According to E!, there’s one skin care standby that Angie Wells and Patty Bunch, makeup department heads for Black-ish and Will & Grace respectively, vouch for to keep the casts’ skin fresh and “removing all the makeup”: iS Clinical Cleansing Complex ($42).

The paraben-free cleanser has a lightweight gel formulation, doesn’t disrupt sensitive skin and gently resurfaces with sugar cane and white willow bark extracts. Plus, it delivers antioxidants and soothing chamomile to up the complexion benefits.

Celeb-tested; real-people approved.

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