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Woman seeking crowdfunding for breast reduction surgery receives online death threats

Jasmin Vlassi had size DD breasts at age 13. By her 20th birthday, they’d grown so much she now wears a size 32K bra.

The Scotland native has sought breast reduction surgery for years, but with little money, her hopes never came to fruition. But then she turned to crowdfunding site GoFundMe.

She set her sights on raising about $1,500 for a deposit on a surgery and was making progress when the unexpected happened: She started getting death threats.

“One person said something about how I should get punched in the throat, and another said I should have my pout cut off whilst under the knife, which really was not nice to see at all,” she told the Daily Record. “I eventually had to just stop reading them because it was making me so scared in case someone actually wanted to hurt me. I was frightened.”

Vlassi says she also suffers from a rare bone disease, which makes the weight of her breasts very painful, causing symptoms similar to those associated with arthritis.

Despite the online harassment, she says she’s received more support than abuse. “I’ve had so much help from people, and it’s been beautiful to see that people care and want to give, as they didn’t need to at all, so it means the world,” she said.

So far, Vlassi has been able to raise $1,069 via her GoFundMe page.

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