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Kendall Jenner Embraces Two Major Trends With One Look

As one of the most sought-after models in the fashion industry, Kendall Jenner knows a thing or two about the latest trends. And the model pulled off a stylish look while out to dinner with friends in New York yesterday.

Jenner sported a barely there white crop top — doing the underboob trend, which she has been a big proponent of — and teamed it with a long coat as she faced New York City’s chilly temps. The California native paired her top with gray jeans and finished her sleek look with square-toed black boots. The ’80s-inspired square-toe emerged as a major trend for the spring ’17 season, offering an alternative to the pointy-toe that’s reigned supreme for the past decade.

But the pointy-toe pump isn’t going anywhere, at least not according to Bella Hadid. The stylish model met Jenner for dinner while wearing a semisheer, white corset top and plaid pants. Hadid completed her look with pointy-toe pumps in bright red — one of the biggest colors of the season.

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

While the two models sported very different shoe styles, both went for trendy shoe looks.

Meanwhile, Hailey Baldwin, another dinner companion of Jenner’s, opted for a Barbie-inspired ensemble. Baldwin attended the dinner in a petal pink collared shirt and matching, semisheer pants.

Baldwin, Jenner and Hadid each have their unique style. Still, there are some commonalities between the trio’s looks. For one, all three often opt for sneakers over heels — and each is willing to break fashion boundaries.

When the models take to the catwalk in mid-February for the fall ’18 shows, their streetwear will be fodder for conversation in much the same way as their runway looks.

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