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Here’s how this beauty brand plans to create inclusive shades for every skin tone

More beauty brands are beginning to realize the significance of creating inclusive makeup lines that serve the unique needs of people of color. As commendable as that sounds, there is still lots of work to do when it comes to formulating hues that are actually complimentary to deeper skin tones. But Beauty Bakerie is going the extra mile to make sure it creates the absolute best shades to enhance every skin tone.

Beauty Bakerie is a black-owned cosmetics company with bakery-inspired products that include long-lasting liquid lipsticks and a highly-rated sugar lip scrub. One of the brand’s newest launches is its Cake Face Concealer, now available in eight shades, and it has plans to expand the line.

With a mission to create more options based on the needs of consumers who feel left out, Beauty Bakerie created a survey, asking customers exactly what they are looking for in a concealer. “Yes, there are only eight shades in our current collection, but we wanted you to have a seat at the table as we grow it,” the brand shared in a statement on its Beauty Bakerie Summit page. “We’re inviting all customers, brand owners, and employees to join us in a conversation about how to improve our collection.”

Beauty Bakerie has one of the best gameplans for extending their range of Cake Face concealers — aiming to make it inclusive for all. (Photo: Courtesy of Beauty Bakerie)

Beauty Bakerie has one of the best game plans for extending its range of Cake Face concealers — aiming to make it inclusive for all. (Photo: Courtesy of Beauty Bakerie)

Throughout the survey, individuals are asked how they would describe their skin tone, what other beauty brands are missing when it comes to concealer (i.e. need long-lasting, can’t find my shade, etc.), and what other cosmetics they favor.

Many would agree that it’s a pretty genius idea, considering all the brands that have recently been called out for failing when it comes to offering inclusive ranges of shades. After sharing news about the concealers on Instagram, many people were delighted to see Beauty Bakerie’s efforts to create a line everyone can enjoy. One person noted in the comment section, “I just gave feedback about future shades on your website. Well done guys! Doing it right!”

The news of Beauty Bakerie’s concealer line expansion comes just days after Tarte and It Cosmetics drew backlash for the lack of diversity in their recent foundation launches. Looks like Beauty Bakerie CEO and founder Cashmere Nicole is paying close attention and possesses a deeper understanding of why it is important to create products that go far beyond just a few skin tones. Instead of guessing what to create next, the brand is taking necessary measures to produce based on what customers truly want.

The new Cake Face concealers are color-correcting, full coverage, and will soon meet the needs of many others. It’s about time.

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