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Why this healthy and popular 21-year-old vlogger decided to shave her hair off

Some say hair is one of our best accessories, and vlogger Vanessa Martinez can relate. Martinez, who has more than 2 million followers on YouTube, is constantly switching up her look, adding long and short hair extensions to her natural hair. But the 21-year-old began to suffer serious consequences and noticed her real hair beginning to fall out.

In a video vlog, Martinez opened up, saying that years of having hair extensions have left her with severe bald patches throughout her scalp.

“As you guys can see, I have extensions in. This is not my own hair,” Martinez said at the start of the vlog. “No matter what extensions you put in your hair, you’re going to go slightly bald from it, just from the weight,” she said.

She decided to take matters into her own hands and shave all her hair to get a fresh start. She said she knew it was time for a change and posted a video of herself allowing a friend to help her in the process of shaving it all off.

“I’m just making myself balder and balder, so why don’t I just cut all my hair off and start over,” she said.

Martinez and her friend proceeded to cut strands of her hair and the extensions. She told her followers that her bald patches were not caused by stress or an illness.

“I’m not stressed. I’m not going through anything because I am stressed. My extensions left me bald, and it’s my fault because I got them,” she told the camera.

When her hair was cut down to a bob, she had a moment of hesitation. But then she said, “You guys, hair grows back,” and continued until it was all shaved off.

Despite having moments of insecurity about what other people, including her boyfriend, dad, and brother, would think of her sans hair, Martinez finished the video confident in her new look. She ended by saying she felt very “liberated” without her hair.

Her followers seemed to love the bold new look. A commenter wrote, “You honestly have like an amazing head shape to be bald. You still look like actually adorable.” Another one added, “You’re so pretty, you’re one of those women who just shines and glows when they laugh.”

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