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This 70-year-old got married in Vegas in her granddaughter’s prom dress

Age truly is nothing but a number for 70-year-old Penny. The Texas grandmother recently had a Las Vegas wedding, and she wore her 20-year-old granddaughter’s prom dress for the occasion.

Penny’s story went viral when her granddaughter Tori shared the details on Twitter. Tori posted a photo of Penny wearing her prom dress and explained the sweet situation, and her tweet has since brought in more than 1,800 likes.

Tori and Penny talked to Business Insider about Penny’s wedding, and the story is heartwarming. Penny met her husband, 74-year-old Richard, online through Apparently, the two of them both consider Tori a “matchmaker.” They told Business Insider that Tori gave her grandmother dating advice and drove her to dates with Richard.

In her tweet, Tori called her grandmother her “best friend,” and it’s clear that these two have a very special bond. In fact, they’re so close that Richard apparently asked Tori for her blessing before marrying Penny. And Tori threw her grandmother a bachelorette party too.

But even though Penny and Richard told Tori they planned to get married, they kept the specifics to themselves. Tori let Penny borrow an old prom dress for a cruise she and Richard were going on — but she had no idea that her grandmother was going to Las Vegas or that she would be getting married in that dress.

“I [wore this dress] because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be in Texas. I wouldn’t have met Richard,” Penny told Tori, according to Business Insider.

Of course, Tori’s original tweet about Penny and Richard’s wedding garnered plenty of love and well-wishes. People responded to the tweet to share how cute the couple’s love story is, and one person dubbed Penny the “kinda granny I wanna be.”

One person saw Penny’s photo as a reminder that women can be “hot and sexy in any age.”

Penny and Tori’s story has touched people of all ages — and it goes to show that a little kindness toward a family member can go a long way.

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