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Ariana Grande somehow finds time to write a song about her fiancé and defends her quick engagement

Ah, young love. Ariana Grande, who will be turning 25 on June 26, and Pete Davidson, who is 24, are reportedly engaged, having started their relationship in May.

Somehow, it appears that Grande had the time to fall in love with Davidson, who purchased her engagement ring after (possibly) one week of dating, and also to compose an entire song dedicated to her new beau. Honestly, it has probably taken me more time to write this article.

In four weeks, Grande has confirmed that she and Davidson are in a relationship, that they are engaged, and that they are now living together.

On top of that very full schedule, Grande will have a song dedicated to her sweet Babboo on her new album, Sweetener. It is titled, simply, “Pete.”

Of course, those of us who have been burned before are worried for both Pete and Ariana. Do they know what they’re getting themselves into? Are they aware that at 24, you hardly know just how much time you have left on this planet? Are you prepared to love someone for, thanks to science, probably 70 more years, give or take?

You do a lot of growth from the time you are 24 to even 30. However, Grande reveals on Twitter she is not worried about that.

Ariana Grande responds to a fan questioning her engagement to Pete Davidson. (Photo: Ariana Grande via Twitter)

Granted, both Grande and Davidson, despite their age, have experienced plenty of life. She has been in the public eye since 2009. When she was 16, she was cast in the Nickelodeon show Victorious, and she has had a successful career since. Meanwhile, Davidson, who lost his father, a firefighter who died in service during the Sept. 11 attacks, started performing standup at 16.

Grande’s upcoming album, Sweetener, was written while she was in a relationship with rapper Mac Miller; however, this ode is dedicated to Pete Davidson.

Here’s hoping that their young love lasts.

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