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Should you wear this ‘sleep bra’ to bed … or at least when greeting the delivery person?

If you ask any woman what the first thing she does after she comes home from a long day at work is, I’d be willing to bet that the answer involves taking off her bra. A brassiere, as we all well know, is rarely the most comfortable part of your wardrobe, and yet it’s an item most wouldn’t leave the house without.

However, a luxury lingerie company named Lunya suggests that wearing a “sleep bralette” may be even better than throwing on that nightgown without anything beneath it.

While it is called a Siro Sleep Bralette, Ashley Merrill, the founder of Lunya, says that a “house bralette” may be a better name for the item.

A model wearing the Siro Sleep Bralette featured on Lunya’s website. (Photo: Lunya)

Merrill told the New York Post, “We talk about the Postmates guy all the time here. What are you gonna wear to greet the Postmates guy?”

Which is an excellent point if you’re a person who has breasts and you are on the more modest side. Walking around your home without a bra on is more comfortable, but it’s a tad awkward if you have roommates or are expecting a package from UPS that needs your signature.

As a person who, at one point in my life, ordered most of my meals through delivery, I can tell you that I don’t care if a Postmates driver knows I have breasts. Are they not of woman? Have they not seen a female body before? I am woman, hear me roar. 

Merrill’s Siro bra is one of the site’s top sellers. The product was introduced in 2015 after costumers kept requesting a “sleep bra” to provide extra coverage and support.

The Siro is much more comfortable than your everyday bra; the supersoft fabric is modal, made from beech trees, which promises a snugger fit. And you aren’t trying to seduce the sandman, so you shan’t be needing any underwire.

If you’re wondering if sleeping in a bra will prevent sagging, the answer is no. Bras are intended to fight gravity, and with you already lying down in bed, there’s not much to resist. In fact, if you find your breasts are sagging, it’s due to the aging process — just getting a little closer to Mother Nature.

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