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This $5 Foundation Is Blowing Up on Reddit For Lasting a Full 11 Hours

the right foundation formula can be a real doozy. Much of the process depends
on trial and error, which can obviously be both timely and costly. Because of this, many
makeup aficionados turn to the ultimate jackpot of all beauty advice regarding foundation tips, tricks and recommendations: Reddit.

In a
post to r/makeupaddiction, Reddit user Wsh1 shared the foundation she’s currently obsessed with, TeenVoguereports. Sharing
an image of Wet n’ Wild’s Photo Focus Foundation ($6), Wsh1 goes on
to write, “The cheapest foundation (under $5!) yet it wears just as
beautifully (for 11 hours thus far) as all other ones I’ve tried! My
combination-oily skin was blown away!”

response to her post, multiple people threw in their two cents about the
product as well, with responses like “Best coverage versus lightweight I have tried so far!”
and “Hands down the best
foundation I’ve ever tried!” flooding the thread.

it shouldn’t be too surprising that this foundation has such a strong
following. According to the brand, the “high-performing, skin-perfecting foundation
underwent major road testing under seven different photo lighting conditions to
deliver flawless camera-ready makeup every time.” Translation: the
foundation uses a light-diffusing complex to give skin a flawless finish
regardless of the intensity of the light you’re in, meaning it’ll look perfect in natural light and in front of a camera flash.

All in
all, the formula is cruelty-free, available in 20 shades and comes at a super
affordable price point, so you can slather on the makeup completely guilt-free.
Below, check out a few of our favorite looks using the Photo Focus Foundation:


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