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Donald Trump Jr.’s new #MAGA cowboy boots might cost nearly $5,000

Cowboy boots have certainly come a long way since the days when they were a practical way for actual cowboys to withstand riding horses for days on end. Now, for instance, they might express a political message for Donald Trump Jr.

“People keep asking about the maga boots I posted last week in my #stories so here you go,” the president’s son wrote on Instagram Saturday, showing off a pair of boots that bear his initials, an American flag, and the popular hashtag from his father’s campaign “#MAGA” (for “Make America Great Again”). Trump said the boots come from Olsen-Stelzer Boots, a Texas-based company that purports to be the maker of “America’s finest cowboy boots since 1900.”

Though Trump, a Manhattan-born real estate exec, does like to spend his leisure time outdoors, it’s doubtful he’ll be wearing his latest pair of boots anywhere near dirt, grass, or livestock — especially considering their probable price tag.

Aficionados know that cowboy boots can be very costly these days, particularly when they’re handmade from good leather. Add to that the level of customization that Trump’s boots required, and you’re looking at a price that the Daily Mail put at between $1,500 and $4,800.

Olsen-Stelzer, which says it was started by an “immigrant shoemaker from Norway,” breaks down the cost on its website, with cowhide boots starting at $1,000 and boots from alligator belly starting at $5,000. Initials cost $40 each, and inlays range from $100 to $1,000.

Then again, it’s possible that Trump got a friendly discount. The boot maker shared a photo of Trump sitting with one of the company’s owners after he first tried on his boots earlier this month, and he’s clearly a fan.

“One of our owners helped design these awesome boots for @donaldjtrumpjr!” reads the post. “Here they are together with the President’s son showing his pair off. Let us know when you want your very own #maga custom boots.”

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