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Offset Just Threw Cardi B the Most Extravagant Surprise Birthday Party

From Cosmopolitan

Cardi B took a break from her feud with Nicki Minaj and her PDA with husband Offset to celebrate her birthday this weekend. The rapper turned 26 on Thursday, and on Friday night Offset told her that he was taking her to dinner-only to surprise Cardi with a crazy extravagant birthday party. And she really did seem surprised!

Luckily, Cardi was already dressed for the occasion in a fabulous pink dress and jaunty hat, as E! reports that the guest list included celebs like Kourtney Kardashian, Tyga, and G-Eazy.

The super-sweet birthday party also included a beautiful black cake:

And Offest giving his wife six dozen red roses:

But the party itself wasn’t Offset’s only surprise of the night: He also gave his wife so. many. diamonds. SO MANY DIAMONDS, PEOPLE! First, there was a necklace and bracelet with Kulture, their daughter’s name, on them:

And then a Rolex absolutely covered in diamonds:

So Cardi was literally drenched in jewels all night, looking like this:

And of course, Cardi had to put her own spin on the evening, ending the night with an Insta vid thanking Offset for the event…but also complaining that she was hungry, saying, “Hubs told me he was going to take me out to dinner, and I appreciate the surprise birthday party and all that…but I’m fucking hungry right now.” 😂

Aw, these two are so freakin’ cute. Happy Birthday, Cardi!

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