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Get Your Drank on in These DIY Cocktail Party Halloween Costumes

Mix, blend, and shake up your Halloween style this year with three creative and boozy cocktail party costumes. Whether you’re hitting the town solo or wrangling the squad for a group costume, choose from a flirty tiki drink, a stiff two-olive martini, or an Aperol spritz for all-night entertainment. Grab your gal pals and make a round of festive Halloween drinks while you transform yourselves into the costume version.


The first thing many of us do when we finally turn 21 is order a classic martini, up. And whether we felt inspired by Carrie Bradshaw‘s edgy sophistication or just thought it to be what grown women drink, we quickly realized that our palates might need a few more years to adjust to drinking straight-up alcohol. So even though we’re sticking to cosmos IRL, a martini can make a glamorous cocktail costume and comes together in just a few simple steps.

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You’ll need:

  • hula hoop
  • silver spray paint
  • wooden dowels
  • box cutter
  • silver dress
  • two green balloons
  • red fabric
  • thick silver belt
  • double-stick tape
  • drill


1. Spray-paint the hula hoop and wooden dowels silver.

2. Blow up two green balloons and cut out two red circles for the olive pits. Attach the pits to the balloons and to each other with double-stick tape.

3. Drill four holes equal distance apart from each other in the hula hoop, and drill four small openings in the belt.

4. Once assembled, stick dowels in the hula hoop holes and in the small holes of the belt, using double-stick tape to attach olives to the dress.

5. Add some silver eyeshadow and a few soft curls in your hair for that polished cocktail touch!


If you love dragging your friends to the local tiki bar for a tropical night on the town, this costume is for you! We kept it cozy with a pair of overalls, giving you more space for all those blended drinks, while maintaining the silhouette of a classic tiki mug.

You’ll need:

1. Hot-glue the flowers and the fruit to the headband.

2. Cut out a tiki face and flowers from the felt and glue to overalls.

3. Pull your hair back with some big curls and add some winged eyeliner to give your tiki mug costume a more exotic look.


Hands down the best drink for when you don’t want something that tastes like booze but is in fact very boozy. This cute and carbonated costume is straightforward, but make sure you bring the bubbly personality to match!

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You’ll need:


1. Cut an orange wedge out of cardboard and cover in felt. Then, add the orange seed detail with felt and attach to the headband with hot glue.

2. Lightly spray each of half of the ornaments with peach paint.

3. To ombre the jumpsuit, spray paint legs with red spray paint.

4. Hot-glue the ornament halves (AKA bubbles) to the jumpsuit.

5. Use orange and yellow eyeshadow to create a mask around the eyes, using red eyeshadow to redden eyebrows. Add some red lipstick to complete the citrusy Aperol vibe.

Which favorite cocktail will you drink and dress up like? Tell us @BritandCo!

Production + Styling: Cassidy Miller/Arshia Singh

Hair + Makeup: Eliza Veal 

Models: Cassidy Miller, Kayla Haykin, Arshia Singh

Photography: Kurt Andre

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