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Ivanka Trump’s message to Calif. firefighters gets social media love: ‘Good cop to your father’s bad cop’

Ivanka Trump has released a sensitive and thoughtful statement regarding California’s forest fires, proving to commenters that the apple sometimes does fall far from the tree.

On Sunday, the first daughter posted four photos of the devastating fires that are burning through parts of California right now. In her caption, she thanked and honored the firefighters and victims of the Camp, Woolsey, and Hill fires.

Her followers are commending her for the caption. “Thank you for being a good person and caring about others,” someone commented. “Thank you for your post. It’s about those fighting & those affected otherwise. The deaths are heartbreaking. For anyone responding to your kind post with any thoughts otherwise may want to move their focus back to the devastation. Those pictures…”

Her kind words come after President Donald Trump’s more abrasive comments, blaming “poor” forest management for the fires. And many of Ivanka’s followers couldn’t help but compare the two statements.

In a series of tweets posted Saturday and Sunday, POTUS stated the wildfires are a result of “poor” forest management and threatened to pull federal aid.

He’s facing a lot of backlash for placing blame during a natural disaster. The firefighter community, politicians, and celebrities including Katy Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio have clapped back at the president for his “ill-informed, ill-timed and demeaning” message, as president of the California Professional Firefighters Brian K. Rice put it.

Now that his daughter has spoken, people are wondering why the president didn’t say something along the same lines. “I’m glad SOMEBODY in your family is sending out prayers!” one person commented. “[M]aybe she should take over for her father…” another follower wondered. “Tell your father that!!” someone else demanded. “Please ask your daddy to show some compassion for those who have been displaced or lost their homes. He cut the funding to fight these fires. Does he know the Federal Government owns 98% of California’s forest?” someone else pointed out. “Thank you Ivanka for remembering those of us in California! Sometimes your dad forgets us.”

So far, the Camp Fire in Northern California has killed 23 people and burned 108,000 acres. The Woolsey Fire near Los Angeles and the Hill fire in Ventura County have scorched 83,275 acres and 4,531 acres, respectively.

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