Style Black Christmas trees
Black Christmas trees have landed, and they look incredibly chic

Every year, we overlook the fact that festive colors red and green technically clash in order to welcome Christmas into our homes.

But this year there’s another option: Enter the black Christmas tree.

According to Treetopia, black is now the second most popular color for artificial Christmas trees in Washington, D.C., and in a number of states, including Arizona and Indiana.

The hashtag #blackchristmastree has also featured in more than 10,000 posts on Instagram, proving their widespread popularity.

Although not traditional, the black trees give a home a glamorous, Scandinavian-chic look when paired with white and silver baubles. Plus, who wouldn’t be happy to skip the extra vacuuming that a real tree requires?

For those who don’t like the look of black trees but are looking for a festive change, you could also look into a silver or white number, which give all sorts of winter forest vibes.

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