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Woman says she was victim of ‘slut shaming’ on plane

Jetstar airlines is embroiled in a controversy with one of its customers, who has alleged she experienced “slut shaming” by a flight attendant over the outfit she was wearing, and who says she was then offered a $50 voucher in lieu of an apology.

Shoshana Strykert, 28, took to Facebook to share an open letter to the airline, which is based in Australia. She expressed her disappointment with the service she was provided on a flight on Feb. 8, saying a flight attendant told her that her outfit “was inappropriate,” and suggested she cover up with a T-shirt or a blanket provided by the airline.

Strykert says the attendant asked her: “Do you see any men walking around with their shirts off?”  Strykert was wearing a black crop top with a pair of loose beige pants and sandals.

Strykert, a business owner,  went on to say that the attention she subsequently received from the rest of the passengers left her feeling “embarrassed and shocked.” Luckily, the passenger sitting behind her offered her a jacket.

“Thank you Jetstar, for slut shaming me and then offering me this in return,” Strykert wrote, attaching a photo of an email the airline sent to her promising a voucher of $50 in Australian dollars to use for a future flight, in order to “restore your faith in us.”

Strykert tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she has since had another email exchange with the airline, but declined to disclose what was said. Jetstar airlines has yet to reply to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment.

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