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This Granny Kitchen Trend Is Having a Revival and We’re Honestly Obsessed

We love a good granny interiors trend. (See: Chintz, portieres.) And we really, really love a granny interiors trend that improves our day-today lives. Hence our delight over the return of the “sit-in kitchen.”

Umm, what’s a sit-in kitchen? Simply put, it’s a kitchen where a table and chairs anchor the room as the main cook and prep space. This cozy configuration was the norm before the rein of the built-in island, of course—but we’ve been noticing them everywhere lately, from the inspirational Instagrams of our favorite designers, to the pages of Architectural Digest.

Mind you: While this term has roots in the old American south, there’s absolutely nothing outdated about the interpretations we’ve been seeing. Let this thoroughly contemporary kitchen by designer Marie Flanigan inspire your own switch-up.


We love how a table’s low-profile keeps sightlines to the kitchen extra open.


Admit it: Chairs (and room to kick without stubbing our toe!) are more comfortable than bar stools.


And baseline: We really dig the casual, cozy vibes. Granny–and Fido—would approve.


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