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‘Not everyone has perfect skin’: Kim Kardashian’s body makeup is actually giving people more confidence

Days after actress and body positive activist Jameela Jamil took a “hard pass” on Kim Kardashian’s new body makeup line, claiming that it perpetuates body-shaming culture, one woman is showing how the product is actually making people more confident.

A makeup artist who goes by Katrina took to Twitter on Thursday to share a photo of her mother’s legs before and after Kardashian’s newly-launched product was applied. The difference seen in the photo goes to show just why she purchased the makeup for her mother, who developed a skin condition from pulmonary arterial hypertension.

“She’s been so embarrassed to even wear shorts or dresses out in public,” Katrina wrote, after noting that the condition was developed from an illness that her mom has. “She got so extremely happy after I applied the body foundation and I’m so emotional.”

Hundreds of people have since responded to the post to share their own similar experiences with body makeup and their conditions that, for some, make using it necessary. Kardashian herself responded, writing, “God Bless your mom.”

The heartwarming stories enticed a lot of people to speak out against those who spoke negatively about the product and had claimed that it was purely superficial.

Jamil ended up responding to the post as well with a more than two minute video apologizing for coming off the wrong way when she initially criticized the product.

“I wish all of us could just feel a little less self conscious,” she wrote.

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