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These ‘polar opposite’ sisters are going viral on Twitter

Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant are showing how different sisters can be, in a clever Twitter thread.

On Thursday, Bishop, 25, tweeted a snapshot of herself, a straight-haired brunette with glasses, next to Toutant, 33, who has wavy, rainbow-colored hair. “My sister and I are polar opposites,” she tweeted, adding, “Her home vs mine.”

Next was a split-screened photo of the Michigan siblings’ homes — one owns a doormat that reads, “Go Away” and the other’s backyard boasts a fire pit, an inflatable pool with a floating rainbow unicorn, and a fantastical multi-colored fence.

Bishop then posted more photos of herself and her sister. At Disneyland, Bishop snarls next to Toutant who is joyful in sparky, blue Minnie Mouse ears. Then, the siblings pose in costume — Bishop wears an Elvira-inspired get-up and Toutant grins as Tinkerbell. The third shows the two mugging for the camera in a photo booth.

“My sister’s living room vs my living room,” tweeted Bishop. One area (guess whose) has a bright green wall with a matching couch and decorative, colorful pillows. The second room contains brown and black hues and eclectic art.

The thread exploded with 4,000 comments, 107,000 retweets, and 673,000 likes. Bishop, a makeup artist, tells Yahoo Lifestyle, that the 8-year age difference between her and Toutant accounts for their differences.

“We get along really well and have the same taste in movies, television shows, and share similar views on life,” Bishop tells Yahoo Lifestyle, adding that they only bickered as children when she would mess with Tourant’s clothing and nail polish. “I was just that annoying little sister growing up.”

Bishop says the nuances of their relationship might feel familiar to those with siblings. “I honestly have no idea why things go viral — it’s always random,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Twitter has creative analogies to describe the sisters.

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