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Love Is Blind’s Kelly Chase shows off weight loss on Instagram after “grueling weight and body image struggle”

Love Is Blind‘s Kelly Chase has knuckled down and completely transformed her body.

Posting on Instagram this week, the reality TV star unveiled her new look while discussing the change in mentality that’s helped her on her fitness journey.

Referencing the emotional “weight and body image” struggles she’s faced throughout her life, Kelly revealed that her enrolment at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition set her on a path of positivity.

Photo credit: @chaselifewithkelly - Instagram
Photo credit: @chaselifewithkelly – Instagram

“The principle is that everything is connected, and when there is an imbalance (STRESS) in your: Relationships, Career, Exercise, Spirituality, Then there is an imbalance in your nutritional health too [sic].

“As soon as I began applying these principles, I grew the most intimate relationship with myself; and thus, everything began to change, improve,” she added.

Kelly’s caption continued: “Fear no longer exists. Opportunities come to me with ease. Confidence is my best friend. Sometimes she needs a little talking to, but for the most part, she stands strong in vulnerability and resilience!

Photo credit: Paras Griffin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Paras Griffin – Getty Images


“Because of my journey and the principles learned through IIN, I am now able to help women stand firm in confidence, love their bodies, career and relationships.”

Kelly infamously left her fiance Kenny Barnes at the alter on the streaming service’s dating show and later revealed on the reunion show that she was dating someone new.

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