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Your cat will purr hard over this $4 self-groomer: ‘Face scratch of a lifetime’

Love to wear white, but have a black cat? Or, conversely, is your entire closet a sea of black and navy — that is, until your pure-white Persian decides to sit on your lap?

While there’s no way to totally curb your kitty’s shedding (that is, unless your feline friend is already hairless) there are ways to diminish it. Cats love to groom themselves, but sometimes they need a little help — and that’s where the Catit Senses 2.0 comes in.

This nifty cat brush might look intimidating, but it’s anything but. Once you attach it to your wall, its soft bristles will gently massage your fur baby while coaxing out any loose hair that otherwise would’ve ended up on your floor or clothes. The groomer attaches to any flat surface, though you can affix it more permanently with nails or with extra-sturdy Command strips.

“Okay, so I just got this I the mail and my cat LOVES this thing,” says a cat parent. “As soon as I got it out of the box and showed him what it is for he was all in. He proceeded to give himself a 10-minute face scratch of a lifetime, went and got a drink of water, then scratched his face for another couple of minutes and passed out. He is in love.”

Hits the spot. (Photo: Chewy)
Hits the spot. (Photo: Chewy)

While your kitty will love the extra textured surface to rub herself against, you’ll love the price. The Catit is just $4 — or, you know, less than the price of your morning coffee. It’s on sale from $6. It even comes with a pouch of catnip.

“George is in love with this self groomer!” one cat owner raved. “Attach it to any corner and they’ll come looking to scratch that itch. George rubs his face on it and purrs the entire time. Best couple bucks I’ve ever spent!”

Some shoppers recommend getting more than one — especially if you have multiple cats: “This item gets used more than anything I bought for cats,” one pet parent shared. “I have many of them around the house and also gave some to friends and family who own cats.”

“We have three of these around the house and our five cats love them!!! So good,” another added.

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