Just when you think the Body Positive movement is finally having a, well, positive effect, something new and depressing comes along: “Bra bulge” surgery.

“Bra bulge” surgery is a new cosmetic procedure which promises to rid you of that little pouch of flesh that sits between your bra strap and your armpit. According to one cosmetic doctor requests for this particular type of treatment are on the rise.

Via a procedure called SculpSure, “bra bulge” removal surgery involves using a laser light to heat underlying fat cells, which then leak into the patient’s lymphatics. The fat particles are then processed in the liver and excreted from the body as waste.

“As women, we are constantly striving to look better,” Dr Galyna Selezneva an aesthetic doctor at the Dr Rita Rakus clinic in Knightsbridge, London told The Sun. She then elaborated a bit more on that “little pocket of fat,” saying “despite spending many hours in the gym, [it] just won’t budge, ruining the perfect fit of our clothes.

Surely having boobs makes that little bulge inevitable and therefore totally natural? It sounds to us like scrutinizing the alleged bra bulge is just one more way in which women are held to wildly unrealistic standards.

So ladies, step away from the long-sleeved tops and stop scrutinizing your under-pits. If there’s a “bulge” there it’s because your a human. There’s nothing to correct.

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