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Lindsay Lohan Channels Jane Austen in a $7,300 Gucci Gown

Lindsay Lohan is currently living a life far different from the one she once led in the hills of Hollywood. While she’s still pursuing her love of acting, just this week signing on for a second season of the show Sick Note, a British comedy that also stars Harry Potter‘s Rupert Grint, instead of spending her nights at the hottest clubs in Beverly Hills with her posse of A-list friends, Lindsay now prefers getting zen in remote locales, reading from the Quran, and finding new ways to make modest dressing look super chic. Something she perfectly pulled off at a children’s charity event in London on Tuesday night wearing a very pricey evening gown.

While the actress still loves a mini dress and swimsuit selfie, over the past year or so she’s leaned more towards dresses that keep her covered up from ankle to clavicle, even occasionally donning a headscarf. And it turns out she loves modest fashion so much it inspired her to return to her passion for design, teasing her forthcoming line LOHAN by Lindsay Lohan on her Instagram at the end of March. But while her latest ensemble would fit in perfectly with her own collection, the Mean Girls star instead opted for a $7,300 gown created by the it-brand of the moment, Gucci.

To attend an event for the new charitable organization One Family, a group with the goal of combating child trafficking, Lohan chose a $7,300 Gucci gown with some very turn-of-the-century detailing. She wore the brand’s Porcelain Garden Print Silk Gown featuring an all-over Dutch toile in blue and white with a high ruffled collar and bib, ruffles at the sleeve, a bow at the neck, and a blue and red patent belt at the high waist. The perfect look for whether you’re dashing off to a gala or are late for a date with Mr. Darcy.

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