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Actress Posts ‘Bikini Body’ Selfie to Feel a ‘Tad Less Queasy’

“Bikini body” and “bikini season” are a couple of small phrases that seem to carry a lot of weight. Every year, articles dominate the media pipelines of either getting a bikini body or being happy with the one you’ve got. One woman, actress Hazel Hayes took to social media to help deal with some of the anxiety she feels dealing with all this, and we think her message has landed on sympathetic ears.

“Bikini Body. Two little words. Two horrid bloody words that threaten to ruin every woman’s Summer,” her post begins, nestled up on the Instagram platform next to her public display of said bikini body.

Hayes continues: “Quite frankly the thought of getting my flabby bits out in front of all my friends makes me feel a bit queasy. And this year especially, after weeks on set not watching what I eat and never once stepping foot inside a gym (not that I usually do but go with me here) I’m feeling particularly self conscious … So here it is. For all the world to see … My bikini body.”


If the message and photo at all strike you as a cathartic, Hayes underlines that feeling in her closing statement. “I feel a tad bit less queasy now.”

The comedic writer actress who plies her trade on YouTube under the guise of Chewing Sand has a healthy following: nearly 250,000 subscribers and a nearly 20 million views on all of her videos. The Instagram post she shared seemed to click with her fans and followers, gaining almost 14,000 Likes and over 400 comments.

“I’m really glad that you’re comfortable enough with your own body,” one comment reads. “We should all be and you happen to be absolutely gorgeous.”

Further along in the comment stream, someone else writes, “what’s crazy is the fact that I have almost the same figure as you do, and I’ve always been insecure about my frame. Its weirdly comforting to see I’m not alone. Thank you.”

“I will never understand how we can all be so incredibly self-conscious about our bodies” writes another. “I honestly think you have a stunning figure and look absolutely gorgeous! I also struggle with my “bikini body” and while my friends tell me I look great (I do believe they genuinely mean it) I cannot see past all my flaws and really struggle with my self-esteem. Cheers to you for conquering your fears and trying your best to love your body. It’s tough but maybe we’ll get there.”

Whether or not Hayes’ public display of her own insecurities will help fully clear her of that queasiness she gets around the idea of a bikini body, it looks like it may help others along the way.

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