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Will Pat McGrath’s New Matte Lipsticks Put an End to Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits?

That’s the first question that popped into our minds after attending the New York City launch for Pat McGrath‘s new matte lipsticks. And if you were to read our lips after swatching on these luxe lippies, you’d know the answer is yes.

Lust: MatteTrance is the latest release from the labs of the legendary makeup artist and 2017 CFDA Founder’s Award winner. In this collection, comprised of nine matte lipsticks ranging from exotic nudes and vivid brights to moody darks, McGrath has mastered a formulation that she describes as “matte with a feel of a stain but the look of a velvet.”

We’ve all swiped on matte liquid lipsticks that look absolutely amazing, but they make our mouth superdry with their moisture-sucking ingredients. Creating a product that didn’t feel like “concrete” and was pleasing to the eye was no easy task for McGrath.

“I think the thing that a lot of people don’t realize with lipsticks is that you may have a formula, but you have to reformulate every color because every pigment falls differently,” she explained. “They just kind of run it and check one. But we know there are reds and violets that are two completely different pigments, and they work differently with oils and minerals. That was oh so much work… It was beyond, but it was all worth it.”

The range of nine lip colors are inspired by shades McGrath has “made a hundred times” for her supermodel friends, including Karen Elson, Naomi Campbell, and Kristen McMenamy. From the richest blue-red to rose-mauve and the blackest black, she’s developed “the perfect texture and perfect saturation of color.”


It’s also clear that McGrath put loads of time into the design of her new matte lipsticks. “A good four months” actually went into making sure the gold lips on the tube were always forward facing, which is ideal for selfies. “It’s a lipstick you want to show. This isn’t a lipstick that you’re ashamed of. To me this is a lipstick that feels like jewelry,” said McGrath.

The gold-and-black lacquered tube itself is an homage to old Hollywood and vintage packaging, eschewing the cheap plastic we’re used to seeing from a widely popular celebrity makeup brand.

“In a way, lipsticks are kind of getting thrown away,” said McGrath. “We are very much in that moment of makeup where you’re just like, ‘Yeah, whatever. Yeah, whatever. I left it.’ This is something that I would be proud of. Feels like something you can have forever — not many craftsmen left in the world. Hash tag just sayin.’”

Pat McGrath Labs Lust: MatteTrance will be available at on July 13 at noon ET, as well as on and in seven select Sephora stores on July 28. Single lipsticks, $38; trio sets, $95; and the Everything kit, $275.

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