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Kim Kardashian Wore the Same Outfit 3 Days in a Row – and the Internet Is Obsessed

Keeping up with trends is a difficult task. So difficult that even Kim Kardashian couldn’t do it herself. But instead, she’s making a trend of outfit repeating — which is something we’ve been doing all along.

In a “just like us” moment, the 36-year-old had quite a hectic weekend that began on Thursday with her daughter North‘s fourth birthday. The toddler donned a pair of fuzzy cheetah slippers for the laid-back occasion, while her mother went for a casual look of greyYeezy sweatpants, white sneakers and a white tank top sans bra, because she’s that low-key. And the attention that she received for how lax the evening’s look was, seemingly inspired her to try it out again (and again).

Kardashian stuns in the first day of her uniformed outfit. (Photo:
Kardashian stuns in the first day of her uniformed outfit. (Photo:

On Friday, Kardashian was spotted in the same look as she went to film for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where it seems the only thing she managed to change were her shoes. The striped Yeezy sneakers were a departure from what she wore the day before; however, she wasn’t apart from those plain white sneakers for long, as she paired them with the same ensemble the next day.

Still managing to look flawless without much thought. (Photo: AKM-GSI)
Still managing to look flawless without much thought. (Photo: AKM-GSI)

Saturday marked the third day that Kardashian wore the same outfit, which people are now assuming was done for consistency on the reality show. However, it might just be a way to save some brain power for the busy weekend.

According to the concept of decision fatigue, it turns out that deciding what to wear is an exercise of willpower that might actually expend too much of it before bigger decisions have to be made later in the day. Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg are subscribers to the belief and admit to wearing the same color suit and shirt every day, just to avoid making one more decision.

Another idea about dressing uniformly takes flattery into account. As seen in the streets of Paris, dressing in similar pieces on a daily basis ensures that an outfit is always flattering. Maybe because Kardashian managed to awe people in the casual look, she decided to stick with it for the rest of the weekend.

The positive reaction toward Kardashian’s outfit repeating is refreshing after a number of celebrities have been setting the bar high with multiple outfit changes per day. But if we can run to the grocery store in the same outfit that we wore to bed the night before, Kim Kardashian can too.

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