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7 Celebrity Style Misses, and How to Fix Them

The Solution: Pick a logged T-shirt, or a logged jacket, but not both at the same time. You look like a Nascar race.

The Solution: Hey Jeremy, this one’s easy! Just wear a shirt under your jacket. A t-shirt, a dress shirt, any shirt will do.

The Solution: Harrison Ford, despite being a garbage human, looks great here except for one small detail. His sleeves are just a tad too long. As we’ve said before, the sleeve should end at the wristbone when the arm is relaxed, thereby giving you a sweet glimpse of the shirt cuff beneath.

The Solution: The skirt and pants combo is just not one of those things we recommend, but — fine — for Boy George, it kinda makes sense. But maybe don’t mix tartan with the psychedelic print of the shoes and shirt?

The Solution: There is a ripped denim scourge in this land. Here’s how to avoid it.

The Solution: This is way too much bling —with man-jewelry, less is more. One necklace gets your point across.

The Solution: What are those straps? What’s up with the cuffs? C’mon dawg.

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