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Jeffree Star Is Inviting YouTubers to ‘Get Ready’ in His Private Jet

Jeffree Star is known for being an extravagant (and often controversial) personality online, where he shows off everything from the luxurious beauty products he uses to the endless designer labels he wears. But there’s nothing on his channel quite as over-the-top as his new series, “Get Ready In My Private Jet.”

As a follow-up to Star’s previous “Get Ready” series that followed him and a guest as they did their makeup in the backseat of his Rolls Royce, the viral beauty guru is now taking these crazy collaborations from the street to the air. The first installment, which was posted on Saturday, features Star and YouTube’s review queen Tati Westbrook doing soft glam as they jet off for a quick trip to Vegas.

“We’re gonna get ready, we’re gonna shop a little maybe. Maybe do a little damage,” Westbrook says, foreshadowing her later purchase from Van Cleef & Arpels.

The lavish video has now been seen over two million times with endless comments about the overdue collab. However, there is also an overwhelming response pointing out the in-your-face display of such an unattainable lifestyle.

While some are saying they “felt rich just watching it,” others are going so far as to say that the two are “the epitome of white privilege.” Whatever your personal opinion, the video is certainly getting a lot of people talking.

As for what’s next, one fan hopes it’s “Get Ready on my Private Island.”

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