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Just in time for summer, this athleisure brand launched an easy, breezy silk collection

Life would be significantly dreamier if we were all draped in silk, living inside one of Aaliyah’s late ’90s R&B music videos. While that dream reality may be difficult to fully achieve, there IS a new summer silk collection from ADAY that will help us honor Aaliyah’s silk legacy while we go to work.

The brand new summer Structured Silk Collection from ADAY was designed to provide light, yet stylish options, especially for those summer days when you wanna drape yourself in fabrics without sweating out your life. Ideal wear for comfortable travel, the collection includes a low-cut tunic, silky track pants (for dancing in fog AND riding on planes), flowing culottes, and a silk vest that was created for casual layering.

We feel like this collection should be included with a background piano track to really amp up the silk statement.

All four pieces in the collection cost between $85 to $115.

As you can see, the Cut It Out silk track pants could just as easily be worn to a job interview or a casual setting.

They cost $105.

The versatile It’s A Wrap vest pairs naturally with the flowing Cooler Days Culottes.

The vest costs $95, and the culottes go for $115.

The To The Point Tunic looks ideal for wearing around the house when you have the fans blasting and need to breathe.

It also looks formal enough to wear to nicer events. It costs $85.

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