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Let Rita Ora Show You How to Pull Off a Baby Blue Pantsuit

The color baby blue immediately takes us back to the early 2000s, when Juicy Couturevelour sweats were the must-have item. We think of J.Lo. We think of Ashanti. It makes us want to revisit our middle school playlists.

But on Tuesday, Rita Ora did something magical: she brought it back. The weather in New York has circled around 80-degrees this week, but why does steamy weather matter for a 26-year-old British pop star, actress, reality TV host, and overall currently-killing-it millennial? It doesn’t.

So, doing what Rita Ora does best, she owned the look. Her oversize double-breasted Elleryblazer covered her like a loosely fitting but perfectly tailored glove, and her matching wide-leg pants were roomy enough for us to want to check the tag, ASAP. The Jennifer Fisher gold Baby Kate hoops don’t hurt, either.

The throwback to the fabulousness of the early ‘00s didn’t end there, either. Take a look at her glasses. The vintage Chanel shades have an orange-tinted ombre effect, and they’re covered in one thing everyone had on their Blackberry case: rhinestones! The cherry on top of her cotton candy-colored look? Pastel pink Pucci heels.

And though it could have easily ended there with an A+, she wore a Love4Grenfell tee ($11; beneath her jacket, a piece that supports the victims of the London fire disaster.

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