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Woman in ‘Immigrants Make America Great’ T-Shirt Turns Heads While Shopping

So, ICYMI, President Donald Trump is still not so found of immigrants.

There are lots of people, however, who do not share his sentiment — and have been plenty vocal in speaking out against Trump’s “America First” public policy strategy. (The phrase “America First,” incidentally, has  roots tracing back to anti-Semitic and racist movements in the U.S. in the 1940s.)

One such person — who is not taking the anti-immigration “America First” policy sitting down — is a Twitter user with a T-shirt that says, “Immigrants Make America Great,” a riff on Trump’s infamous “Make American Great Again” slogan and type treatment. She then went shopping while wearing the T-shirt. After all, June is Immigrant Heritage Month.

Clearly, her fashion choice — worn while shopping at Old Navy — had a huge impact.

Some on Twitter shared that they too were out rocking the “Immigrants Make America Great” shirt.

And lots of people on Twitter have also been voicing their support for the Immigrants Make America Great message in all sorts of different ways:

For those looking to respond to anti-immigrant sentiment through what they wear, there are other like-minded T-shirts available online.

There’s a  Robert Geller-designed shirt that benefits the ACLU. Celebrity chef José Andrés wore an  “I Am an Immigrant” shirt when he  spoke out against Trump’s immigration policy at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami in February. (Andrés also  backed out of his deal to open a restaurant in Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel in 2015 following Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric on the campaign trail.)

Independent #resistance designer Eleven5 offers a  T-shirt that states, simply, “Immigrant.” And Pinkshop offers an  “Aleppo” T-shirt, sales of which go to support Syrian refugees, another population of immigrants who have been targeted by Trump through his  refugee ban.

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