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Princess Diana Inspired This Popular Trend Bloggers Are Loving

Princess Diana was one of the best-dressed women in history, even so, that the Kensington Palace opened a fashion exhibit featuring her outfits titled Diana: Her Fashion Story. And how could we forget her wedding dress with a tail longer than 7 meters and dramatic puff sleeves? Or that off-the-shoulder black dress that ended up auctioning for 6 million dollars?

It’s been two decades since her death, and the mark she left on the fashion world is clearly significant. Now, another staple piece from the princess is becoming popular among bloggers and influencers around the world: a blouse with dramatic shoulders and black-and-white polka dots.

That T-shaped silhouette is more stylish than ever thanks to French designer Simon Jaquemus and the blouse from his Les Santons de Provence collection, which has become a fashion favorite, according to the Spanish magazine S Moda.


The princess wore a polka-dot dress with bulky sleeves and tight at the waist (shown above) at Ascot horse racing exactly 29 years ago, and the similarities to Jacquemus‘ design are undeniable.

“My name is Simon, I love white, blue, Marseille and the 80s,” it says on the website of the French designer, who already gained the likes of celebrities such as Rihanna and Solange.


Jacquemus grew up on a farm in the south of France and, according to an interview withELLE, he cites designer Jean Paul Gaultier as his inspiration. But there is no doubt that the style of the princess and her head designers, Bruce Oldfield and Victor Edelstein, have had some impact on his creative process… and the trendsetters are loving it!

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