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    How to Cut Your Hair at Home, According to Hairstylists

    Whatever your state’s reopening plan, you probably haven’t seen your hairstylist in quite some time—and likely won’t be able to for at least the next few weeks—and you might now be considering an at-home haircut. While we understand the temptation, we want you to know the risk involved. Sure, hair grows back, but there’s a reason why […]

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    How to Keep Your Hair Healthy After You’ve Dyed It at Home

    If you’re used to coloring your hair regularly, the idea of salons being closed due to COVID-19 may make you panic a bit – especially if you’ve never dyed your hair at home. There are dozens of products and how-to guides that aim to make the process of DIY color as easy and accessible as possible (not to […]

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    Can Mystery Thrifting Save Fashion’s Waste Problem?

    It’s no secret that fashion has a waste problem. Trends dominate the industry at all ends of the supply chain, pushing luxury labels and fast-fashion brands alike to create more and more collections each year. In turn, shoppers are pressured to keep up with the growing supply, to buy every trend that garners acclaim on […]

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    Women Are Sharing Candid Photos To Send A Message To Pandemic Body-Shamers

    If you need more proof that social media still lacks adequate body diversity representation, consider what happened with the #MyQuarantineBody movement’s tagged page on Instagram. The hashtag was started by photographer and advocate Anastasia Garcia on April 8. Tired of the jokes, memes and general attitude toward the potential for weight gain during shelter-in-place that have been necessary due […]

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    Makeup,Face,concealer,concealer for undereyes,makeup artist tips,concealer for acne,concealer tricks
    A Deep Dive Into How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes the *Right* Way

    From Marie Claire Cleaning makeup brushes is one of those laundry list annoyances that rarely seems like something you should frequently be doing. “You can just NOT clean makeup brushes, right??” I say as my brush looks like it’s taken on a new identity with the amount of make up on it. Welllllll, not really, […]

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    Kelly Chase
    Love Is Blind’s Kelly Chase shows off weight loss on Instagram after “grueling weight and body image struggle”

    Love Is Blind‘s Kelly Chase has knuckled down and completely transformed her body. Posting on Instagram this week, the reality TV star unveiled her new look while discussing the change in mentality that’s helped her on her fitness journey. Referencing the emotional “weight and body image” struggles she’s faced throughout her life, Kelly revealed that her enrolment […]

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    How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows Without Making a Disastrous Mistake

    Whenever I’ve asked a makeup artist or esthetician about the right way to tweeze eyebrows at home, they’ve responded with one incredibly frustrating response: “Don’t! Go see a professional.” Honestly, I understand. This answer totally eliminates the chance of you accidentally plucking them all out like you did in 1999, but for those of us unable […]

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    How To Banish Tired-Looking Skin — Without Makeup

    There are few things more annoying than skipping makeup one day and then having people ask if you’re sick or something. Hello, no one wakes up with winged liner and contour stamped on — especially when most of our social interactions are taking place over Zoom right now — and you’re not going to feel like doing the […]