• Health
    Most women feel relief and happiness after having an abortion, study finds

    It’s a commonly held belief among anti-abortion advocates that women who choose to terminate a pregnancy are likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and regret. But a new study from researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) suggests this narrative may be flawed. Published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, the study originated with UCSF’s research group, […]

  • Celeb Style
    Hunter McGrady
    ‘Curviest model ever’ Hunter McGrady posts ‘fearless’ swimsuit photo: ‘Cellulite is cool too’

    Supermodel Hunter McGrady is making 2020 “fearless” with a swimsuit post that amplifies her curves — and her cellulite. The 26-year-old beauty, once named Sports Illustrated’s ‘Curviest Model Ever,’ was true to form on Instagram Thursday, posing on the beach in a black one-piece swimsuit. “Cus cellulite is cool too bodies are meant to change with you, move […]

  • Health
    ‘Normal’ Human Body Temperature Has Changed in the Last Century

    Whether you have a stomachache, a wrist sprain or a chronic disease, one of the first things doctors and nurses will do at an appointment is take your temperature. A normal temperature means your body is humming along the way it should. A higher temperature means you have a fever, and shows your body could […]

  • Celeb Style
    Kate Upton
    Kate Upton said ‘pressure’ to breastfeed her daughter ‘was sucking the energy away from me’

    Motherhood modified Kate Upton’s life in “wonderful” ways, but the pressure to breastfeed wasn’t cool, the 27-year-old model told Editorialist magazine. Upton, who gave birth to daughter Genevieve one year after her 2017 wedding to Houston Astros baseball pitcher Justin Verlander, reflected on those tough postpartum months. “Having VeVe has changed my life in such a wonderful way,” she […]

  • Health
    Study says flirting at work reduces stress: ‘Enjoyment is key’

    Stressed out at work? A little so-called harmless flirting with co-workers might actually help, according to a new study published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. In the study, researchers looked at “non-harassing social sexual behavior in the workplace” and found that mutual, light flirting among co-workers that’s not perceived as “demeaning or humiliating” lowered stress levels […]

  • Celeb Style
    Barack Obama
    Barack Obama Takes Shirtless Paddle Board Ride During Hawaii Vacation

    Barack Obama is enjoying his time in Hawaii. The former president, 58, was spotted paddleboarding on Thursday as he continued his vacation in his home state. As he balanced on the water, Obama wore a pair of dark-colored swim trunks. Later on Thursday, Obama and his wife Michelle enjoyed a night out at local restaurant Ya-Ya’s Chophouse and […]

  • Style
    Emily Ratajkowski
    Emily Ratajkowski reflects on childhood photo: ‘I wish the world had encouraged my 14-year-old self to be more than just my body’

    Emily Ratajkowski is reflecting on her 14-year-old self to model empowerment for teen girls. Posting a throwback photograph of herself on Saturday, the actress-and-swimsuit designer mused about her childhood. “I used to like showing people this photo of me at 14 to prove that my body is natural,” the now 28-year-old explained. “Now I’m a little […]

  • Celeb Style
    Christie Brinkley
    Christie Brinkley, 65, opens up about aging while posing in a bikini: ‘Silver fox’

    Christie Brinkley’s recent red-hot bikini photo had fans hailing her as “forever young” — but that’s not so, the 65-year-old supermodel says. Brinkley resurfaced in another bikini — a navy string top with a white floral print paired with a sheer white cover-up draped over navy high-waist bottoms — on Instagram on Sunday. Despite her youthful looks in the stunning […]

  • Health
    Eating chili peppers may prevent fatal heart attacks and stroke

    Chili peppers aren’t for the faint of heart, but maybe they should be. Scientists in Italy say the spice slashes the mortality rate from heart attack and cerebrovascular disease (which restricts blood flow to the brain and includes strokes and aneurysms). The study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology on December 24, […]

  • Health
    Teen acne tips dermatologists recommend trying: Minimize dairy, stop overwashing your face and more

    It’s pretty much assumed that nearly every teen will deal with acne at some point. But, even though teenage acne is incredibly common, it can be hard to know how to help your child when they’re going through it. Before you panic and assume your child is doomed to spend their teen years with acne, know this: Dermatologists say there’s a lot you […]